Bel Canto Choir Vilnius at Vaidila Theatre in Vilnius

Bel Canto Choir Vilnius (artistic director Dr. Egidijus Kaveckas) performed a very special concert of modern choral music at Vaidila Theatre in Vilnius on October 8, 2017.

The choir was aided by its precious friends: a soloist Vaidas Bartušas, a String Quartet of the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra: Irma Belickaitė (violin), Dalia Suraučiūtė (violin), Ramūnas Zakaras (viola), Dainius Palšauskas (cello), as well as pianist Darius Mažintas and electronic music performer Artūras Bulota.

Our listeners and ourselves were blown away by a very special surprise too. Our guest artist Vaidas stunned everybody by proposing to our beloved singer and choirmaster Milda! And she said – Yes! Well, it’s not every concert you witness an engagement on stage 🙂

Photos by Mantas Gudzinevičius

Concert’s special surprise was caught on video too 😉

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