We have a Dream…

Bel Canto Choir Vilnius has a dream and strong desire to change the image of choral music, which is still very often treated as archaic, unattractive and conservative. Therefore, the Choir organizes exceptional, elegant and high quality musical performances and concerts, where classical and popular music blend in harmony.

The Choir’s performances are also distinguished by the special selection of concert venues; its environment, attention to stenography and even scents in the concert halls. We know that choral music is beautiful and very forceful and we want its charm and glamour to be discovered by broader audiences.

Our vision is to become the best, the most admired and the most popular choir in Lithuania, and to anchor ourselves in the league of Europe’s best choirs.

Our mission is to change the face of choral music and to ensure that its beauty, charm and hypnotism will be discovered by broader audiences. We aim to become the most transparent, innovative, creative and the most friendly choir in Lithuania. By constantly improving ourselves we desire to foster cooperation with talented musicians from Lithuania and other countries, thus creating attractive long-term value musical projects.

We will continue to develop our community of talented and ambitious people who greatly enjoy making music and spending time together. We want to become not just the best, but the most admired choir in Lithuania too – both for current and future team members and for our audience.

A great picture is worth a thousand words!

The secret of our success – sincere love for choral music and its beauty

Singers at the Bel Canto Choir Vilnius, under the leadership of its artistic director Egidijus Kaveckas, create their own choir and that creative process has a very powerful engine – love for choral singing, huge creative ambitions and commitment for continues professional development.

The chosen name of the Choir already means a lot! In this case “Bel canto” is not an allusion to the famous style of operatic singing, but a sincere desire to show a vision, goals and aspirations of the Choir’s singers.