Open To The World '23: Bel Canto, Dagilėlis & Marius Beck

A Special Sold-Out Evening: Bel Canto Choir Vilnius, Dagilėlis & Marius Beck

The ‘Open To The World’ 23′ project by the Bel Canto Choir Vilnius marked Vilnius’s inaugural vocal music festival. Its closing concert took place on December 10 at the Philharmonic Hall in Vilnius, treating the audience to a special performance featuring exceptional guests: Dagilėlis, the best boys choir in Lithuania; Norwegian vocalist and guitarist Marius Beck; soloist Lina Dambrauskaitė; pianist Motiejus Bazaras, and a string quartet led by August Gocentas.

Throughout the festival’s five concerts, 2,056 spectators enjoyed unique content rarely performed in Lithuania. The choirs and vocal ensembles skillfully blended classical, contemporary choral, barbershop, jazz, and popular music, with Christmas pieces also gracing the repertoire.

Photos by Mantas Gudzinevičius.


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