Bel Canto Choir Vilnius Elects New Board and President

Bel Canto Choir Vilnius elected a new president and board for a two-year, 2023-2025, term. Fifty-six choir members participated in the general meeting on June 12, 2023. The choir also approved it’s Annual Business & Financial Reports 2022.

The board of Bel Canto Choir Vilnius consists of 11 members who are responsible for specific areas and functions.

The Board of Bel Canto Choir Vilnius 2023-2025. Meet The Leaders Of Our Amazing Team

Audrius Valatkevičius, President & Producer
Audrius is one of the founders of Bel Canto Choir Vilnius. He does not sing himself but is an incredibly passionate member of the choir’s team, producing its projects and managing relations with Lithuanian and international musicians, ensembles, and composers. A journalist by education, Audrius is a marketing, business development, and communication professional with over twenty years of experience working for Swedish, Norwegian, and Lithuanian real estate development, investment, and construction companies, including Skanska, NCC, and others.

Simas Bačiulis, Board Member, Marketing
Simas is a long-term founding member of the Bel Canto Choir Vilnius and a baritone. For over twelve years, he has worked for Adell Taivas Ogilvy, one of Lithuania’s largest advertising agencies. He is a member of its management team responsible for key client relations. Simas is a music school graduate who plays piano and has performed in choirs for over fifteen years.

Arnoldas Dapkus, Board Member, Sponsor Relations
Arnoldas, a long-term Bel Canto Choir Vilnius member, joined the choir in 2016. He graduated from the Dagilėlis Singing School, plays the piano, and has sung in choirs for over 14 years. In his professional life, Arnoldas is responsible for business development at Metasite, a company that provides IT services to players in the UK financial sector.

Agnė Juodvalkė, Board Member, Finance & People Management
Agnė joined the choir in 2012. She is a graduate of the Vilnius Balys Dvarionas Ten-Year Music School, having studied choral singing and conducting, and was a member of the Kaunas State Choir. Agnė is an organizational psychologist and freelance personnel expert in her professional life. In her personal life, she is a mother of two and a spirited soprano with a passion for music, people, and gardening.

Agnė Bagdonavičienė, Board Member, Legal
Agnė is a long-term member of the choir. She is an alto who also performs with the choir as a soloist. Music is her favorite hobby and a source of great pleasure, which was close to becoming her profession after finishing school. Agnė used to sing in Vilnius’s Balsai vocal ensemble and plays piano. In her professional life, Agnė works as a lawyer and has more than ten years of legal experience in the private and public sectors.

Gerda Valiukonytė, Board Member, Organizational Matters
Gerda joined the choir in the fall of 2021 after many years of living abroad. She studied piano and classical guitar at music school and was a member of the Vilnius Town Hall Guitar Orchestra. Gerda works at TransferGo, a global money transfer company, where she is the Director of Treasury Operations and leads a team responsible for FX risk management and the safeguarding of customer funds. Gerda is also a member of the Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union.

Justinas Stanevičius, Board Member, External Communication
Justinas joined Bel Canto Choir Vilnius in 2020. He has been playing music since the age of 4, graduated from the Jadvyga Čiurlionytė School of Arts’ choral singing class, became a two-time winner of the Dainų Dainelė Song Contest, and a prize-winner of the Singing Poetry Competition. Justinas also plays piano and guitar and writes music and lyrics. Justinas is a senior technology implementation consultant at Danske Bank and an external communications manager at the start-up Vedliai.

Donata Sekonaitė, Board Member, Alto Representative
Donata has been performing with Bel Canto Choir Vilnius for nearly six years. She is a music school graduate in piano and has played piano for her school choir and ensembles. Donata has been singing in choirs since college. She works at Philip Morris Baltic as a senior business intelligence analyst and provides data-driven insights that contribute to creating a smoke-free future.

Andrius Gailiūnas, Board Member, Bass Representative
Andrius joined Bel Canto Choir Vilnius in 2017. He plays guitar and is a member of the bluegrass band Midnight Special. Andrius works for Pixelmator, a Lithuanian company that creates image and photo editing apps for Apple devices.

Justas Pocius, Board Member, Tenor Representative
Justas is one of the newest members of Bel Canto Choir Vilnius, joining in 2023. He has been singing in various choirs since he was a child, became a winner of the Dainų Dainelė Song Contest, won awards at international competitions, and participated in Lithuanian and foreign star tours. In the professional world, Justas works in bioengineering and biotechnology sciences, but the choir is his greatest love and passion. It’s what makes his heart beat harder.

Gabrielė Barutė, Board Member, Soprano Representative
Gabrielė joined the choir in 2022. She graduated as an accordionist from a music school, hosted various events, and sang in multiple choirs. Gabrielle is an HR and office manager at the financial services company NEO Finance and enjoys planning weddings and celebrations in her own company, “Saldus Taip.”

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